Portland Hair Extensions

Extensions are the ultimate way to achieve the length or volume of hair you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Volume. Length. Health. Comfort. Confidence.

This would per a great area to share with your audience why extensions are not only going to help them acheive their dream hair, but also to squash any presumptions that extensions are damaging or uncomfortable for their scalp. Use this area to illustrate the value that extensions can bring to their lives.

Why [your chosen method] is the top luxury extensions method on the market.

Here you could talk about why you chose the method(s) you chose and dip your toe into the science behind why it works. But always remember to frame it in a way that is easy to comprehend for someone skimming your site, AND in a way that illustrates the benefit to them.

For example "this method was created with scalp health being the top priority. It is installed in a way that allows the upmost flexibility and weight distribution, making for the very most comfortable and healthy wear than any other beaded row extensions on the market."

Discuss time & monetary investment of the initial install & maintenance.

03. Consult

I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule an in-person consultation.

02. Schedule

Fill out the extensions application.

01. Apply

Getting started

Your 50% deposit will book your appointment, with the remainder due at install appointment.

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Emily Foss

"When it comes to luxury hair, Eleanor is untouchable. I have never had a better hair experience in my life. I always walk out of my appointment feeling confident and inspired to be my best self. Trust me when I say there is no one better than Eleanor when it comes to achieving your dream hair!"

every 6-8 weeks
1-3 hour appointment
starts at $200

Re-install appointment to keep your extensions comfortable & invisible.

To Maintain

2+ rows of extensions
3-4 hour appointment
starts at $1500

Add length to your hair with the added bonus of fullness.

For Length

1 Row of extensions
1.5 hour appointment
starts at $800

Your current length, pumped with volume and fullness.

For Volume

Extensions Investment

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